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The automatic ansawer to this is ‘very’. The average Nigerian guy believes a relationship means extra expenses, while the average Nigerian female believes relationship is a source of income. It is true that not all Nigerian women use relationships as a source of income, but quite a lot of them do.

Only a few Nigerian females would give their boyfriends gifts or take him out to the movies or shopping, meanwhile, they expect the men to give them heaven and earth without seeing the need to reciprocate. This is why you can’t really blame a man in our society for thinking women or relationships mean extra expenses, therefore money is important in relationships.

There are still quite a number of females that do not see relationship is a means of getting finance, even though they may be few. This occurs when a woman is financially independent, she will therefore have less reasons to even ask for financial help from her partner or see a relationship as a ‘paid job’. In essence, lack of financial independence is the reason some women expect relationships to yield income. It is not abnormal to see girls searching for rich guys to date, even though they are broke themselves. Clearly, the lack of ambitiousness of most Nigerian girls is the reason they look up to men as their ATMs. If they saw the need to make money the way guys make money, the would have every reason to be financially independent. Some of them also have the mindset that sexual pleasures are services rendered to males, and they should be repaid back with money, they believe women ‘give’ men sex and men have to give something back in return.

The major reason why a lot of men end up with needy women is because they often go for women who are lesser than them, especially the financial aspect. For example, if a working class male decides go date a girl who is still in school, you can only expect her to be dependent on the man financially.

Same thing when a man goes for a female with less paying jobs than his. Not a lot of men would date women who are richer than they are, because they don’t want to be emasculated, they therefore end up with females they have to provide for.

This is not to say that their are also women out there who are not mentally enslaved to the barbaric beliefs about relationships being a ‘paid job’. Of course, money is important in everyone’s lives, it therefore is necessary in relationships, just not as much as some people make it seem. In relationships, gifts will be exchanged, outings, shopping etc by both parties, and all of those need money, and can also be put on hold when one party faces financial challenges. But in a case where only one party provides, there will be a problem, because that means the only source of income in that relationship is gone. When this occurs, the receiving party might even decide to leave the relationship, because that is her only or major gain in the relationship. Notwithstanding, not all financially dependent women will walk away as soon as things go bad for their partners.

Basically, the importance of money in a relationship largely depends on the individual’s in the relationship, and the basis of that relationship in the first place. If a person is in a relationship because of money, then of course, money will be very important. But if its based on something else, then financial obstacles are less likely to ruin the relationship.

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