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Sex on the first date is commonly believed to have a significant role to play in the future of a ‘yet to have started’ relationship. While some people, guys especially, believe it is a red flag, because the girl will immediately be termed as ‘cheap’, some others belief it is morally wrong for women mostly. Also, there is the point of view that indicates that sex on the first date will save a lot, like unnecessary body count in case the relationship doesn’t work out. There are also people who just don’t care about the beliefs that are attached to it.

Well, the typical belief is that a lady is ‘cheap’ if she sleeps with a guy on the first date, therefore, a lot of ladies will not have sex with guys on the first date, or at least they lie that they don’t. The basic truth is this, if a woman is cheap for having sex on the first date, then the man is cheap too, because he had sex on the first date as well as the woman. So, being ‘cheap’, isn’t it really a valid point to put into consideration when talking about sex on the first date, because it goes both ways.

Next is about morality. ‘Is it morally right to have sex on the first date?’. There is no straight answer to that, because people’s definition of morality differ. According to religion, its not moral to have sex outside marriage to begin with, so based on Christianity, its is wrong. But morality from person to person differs, people have different principles they go by and they can’t just expect every other person to follow those principles as well, so if you think sex on the first date is wrong, that’s just for you. Not everybody sees sex as a big deal, so it depends on your own principles as a person. If you think that sex on the first date is wrong, then it is.

This last point happens to be the most valid reason for staying away from sex on the very first date. The certainty of a relationship is definitely not based on the first date, you could have a date with someone and still not end up in a relationship with that person. Therefore, preventing sex on the first date can help you reduce your loses if the relationship does not work out. For example, if you sleep with a guy the first time you meet him and you really like him, but then he decides you both can’t date because he wasn’t feeling you, you’ll probably feel bad, because you already had sex with him, but if you did not, getting over him would be easier. Although there are people who do not feel connected to a person after sex, if you are that kind of person, then you’re safe, you can do as you please.

Notwithstanding, sex on the first date does not in any way reduce your worth as a woman, or automatically make the man stop liking you. The only time a guy will stop liking you after sex is if that was all he wanted from you from the onset. Which is why some ladies prefer to prolong the time of sex in a relationship, to test the guy so as to see how long he will be willing to wait, then, his ‘love proposal’ will be accepted as genuine if he stands the test of time. Whereas, some guys are willing to waste their time just to get into your pants, they often do not mind waiting long just for sex.

In summary, sex on the first date isn’t a taboo, but avoiding it can save you a lot of stress, by helping you avoid the kind of men you do not want, at the same time, avoiding sex on the first date is not an assurance for getting a good guy either, but it helps you to be more on the safer side.

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