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Justin Bieber Shows Off Physique, New Tattoos

Justin Bieber is apparently sick of his loyal, passionate fan base.

But he clearly isn’t sick of adding on to his ever-growing number of tattoos.

The artist took to Instagram on Monday to show off his sexy physique… along with two rather noticaeble new pieces of ink.

In the above photo, Bieber has his arm behind his head as he lounges on a bed, donning only a pair of low-slung sweatpants.

It’s pretty hard to miss the enormous new bear tattoo on his torso, wouldn’t you say?

It’s located alongside Bieber’s tattoo of a crucifix, while a new, giant bird is sprawled across his abdomen underneath his “Son of God” marking.

You can check out this second fresh etching below:

Bieber, of course, is no stranger to tattoos. He has well over 50 (!!!!!!!) covering his very attractive body, from his arms to his chest to his back to his legs.

In May 2016, he even got inked on his face.

“Justin came in last night and decided on a small cross near the corner of his eye,” tattoo artist Jonboy told Us Weekly last year of this unexpected ink.

Why did Bieber make such an odd selection?

“It represents his journey in finding purpose with God,” the artist explained.

In a subsequent interview with GQ early last year, the singer himself opened up about face tattoos, saying at the time he would only consider such a thing when he’s “really old, not sure old, but maybe like forties or fifties or something.

“I think if they’re done right, they could be cool, but nothing super crazy all over the face.”

Nothing like Mike Tyson, in other words.