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Moses reveals how Chelsea coach, Conte revived his career

Chelsea’s Victor Moses has spoken of how manager Antonio Conte revived his career at Stamford Bridge by converting him into a wing back.

The 26-year-old Nigeria international was previously sent out on loan for three consecutive seasons by manager Jose Mourinho before Conte arrived this season and changed Chelsea’s main formation to 3-4-3.

Conte brought Moses back into the starting lineup, and has helped make him one of the most consistent performers this season.

“He (Conte) didn’t say to me, ‘Do I fancy playing wing back?’ He just put me in there, and after that he just kept on encouraging me,’’ Rueters quoted him as saying.

“He went through what the position was all about, constantly talking to me in training to make sure I was improving in it. I took that in and I didn’t look back,’’ he said.

“I have been learning a lot defensively. And when I play against a winger… I understand what they are going to do before they try and go past me, so it makes it a lot easier.’’

Moses said the position has added responsibilities at both the attacking and defensive ends, but he is enjoying the experience with every game.

“You need a lot of stamina to be able to play that position, and it’s a responsibility for me as well,’’ he added.

“I have never played that position before, but I am enjoying it. The more games I play, the better I get.’’