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Nicki Minaj Thinks Meek Mill’s A ‘Coward’ After He Disses Her: Call Me B–ch To My Face

Do you really think Nicki Minaj, 34, was going to let Meek Mill, 29, get away with reportedly trash talking her to thousands of concert goers at his show in Philadelphia, PA? When Meek took the stage on Feb. 11, at Wells Fargo Center, he apparently informed the packed crowd, “I’m back on my own again,” referring to his single status. Then, he supposedly said, “F–k these b–ches,” and that’s when people at the concert reportedly thought it was a straight shot at Nicki.

“What a coward. Nicki would have more respectfor Meek if he called her a b–ch to her face,” a source close to Nicki EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “But, Meek isn’t about it, and Nicki‘s not tripping.” The way Nicki sees it is, she gave Meek everything and was nothing but good to him. For example, “She wasn’t a b–ch when she was coming to see him jail [July 2014],” our source said. In fact, “She wasn’t a b–ch when she was bringing him food and holding him down when he was on house arrest [Feb. 2016]. She wasn’t a b–ch when she was in the jewelry store telling him to get whatever he wanted and put it on her tab.” Touché.

In the end, “People always like to show who they are when sh-t doesn’t go their way,” and that’s exactly what happened with Nicki and Meek, our source revealed. Meek was the first one to serve up a public diss to his ex and it could have had something to do with how the world found out about their split. Nicki originally confirmed that they were done on Twitter Jan. 5. At the time, fans were asking the singer if she was back on the market after split speculation dominated the news. “To confirm, yes I am single,” she wrote on Twitter, and revealed that she was “focusing” on her work.

After that, Meek started posting random things to Instagram that appeared to be subtle waves of shade about his ex. On the same day Nicki tweeted that she was single [Jan. 5], Meek took to Instagram to post a photo of Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers, a pair, in particular that Nicki happens to own. “If you walk out don’t wear these they wack,” Meek captioned the now deleted photo. Yikes.

Then, on the night before Nicki announced their split on Twitter [Jan. 4], Meek apparently went LIVE on Instagram, where he was out with friends and looking for “love.” The rapper supposedly posted a live video where he was sipped on a beverage and joked with friends. At one point he said, “I need love,” to which his friend replied, “We need a f–king thot!” At the time, it looked like Meek wasn’t letting the split get to him. Then again, it seemed spiteful to some fans.

While Nicki and Meek have yet to reveal why they decided to end their engagement, it seems like there’s some bad blood behind their split. Nicki seemed to hint at that when she “liked” two of her fan’s tweets Jan. 5, that read, “im proud of you for putting YOURSELF FIRST for the first time!! This new Onika that’s gonna emerge is gonna be even more golden!” and this one: “Time for @NICKIMINAJ to get back on her bullshit and climb the charts even more. Sat back way too long.” Shade!