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Victor Moses: I never doubted my ability

Victor Moses has been a near-constant fixture in Antonio Conte’s table-topping Chelsea team this season; but that was not the case in the last three seasons.

The Nigerian was always very efficient in previous pre-seasons but Jose Mourinho always had someone better for the team.

“It’s frustrating when you know your manager [Mourinho] wants to use other players ahead of you and you’ve got to go on loan to different clubs,” Moses told Sky Sports.

“You get injured and all of a sudden you’re not getting back in the team. You can’t settle well. You’ve got to move your kids to a new school every season… Stuff like that is always going to play in your head,” he added.

For three consecutive seasons, Moses was like a nomad in the EPL. First, it was Liverpool, then Stoke City and then West Ham, even though he helped the Blues win the Europa League in his first season at the club, then managed by Rafael Benitez.

“I’ve never doubted the ability that I’ve got,” Moses said.

This season, he finally found a manager in Conte, who trusts his ability and gave him the stage to prove that ability.

“Chelsea is one of the best clubs in the world and I’ve always believed I have the ability to get into the team.

“I’ve proved that this season. I just kept working hard and kept believing in myself. I’ve moved on from the difficult times now. This is a season I am never going to forget,” he added.

Conte stylishly lambasted Mourinho on not having seen the Nigerian’s capabilities, which could have been caused by ‘favouritism’.

“We’ve got a manager now who gives everyone the opportunity to express themselves.

“I felt that from the start, right from the first day of training. He was talking to all the players. There was no favouritism. Everyone was the same to him. As long as you went out and proved yourself, he would give you the opportunity. I was very pleased to see that. It gave me confidence,” he concluded.

The 26-year-old has featured in 30 league games this season; scoring thrice and has created 22 scoring chances while providing two assists.