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Your Man Could Be Gay if He Accompanies You to a Cosmetics Shop- Banky W

Banky W’s expectation of masculinity excludes the male folk who are generous enough to accompany their woman to a cosmetics shop, the iconic singer shared this view on his Twitter this morning.

The conversation started when a female Twitter user advised her followers to find themselves a man who would not be ashamed of accompanying them to a cosmetics store.

“Find a man who’s gonna go inside Sephora with you & help you find a lip color that looks good on you rather than a man who stands outside,” said the Twitter user @AmbitiousGlow.

The post generated conversation from many people across the world, one of them, a man, admitted to accompanying his partner to the popular Sephora store, a memorable event he still can’t forget. “I’ve only been in there once but it was the most confusing 45 minutes of my life,” the man, @2and2Jones said.

Well, the conversation changed when Nigeria’s Banky W waded in, saying that a man who does such could be a homosexual. “There’s a slight chance that man you’re looking for is gay… but hey whatever floats your boat,” the EME boss said.

The singer’s comment brings to mind how fragile masculinity is. To some men, certain expressions or cultures are ‘unmanly’, as such the se*uality of those who practice them is open to doubt.

A recent example was when music producer Swizz Beatz shared the video of his food-tasting experience in Italy, where a male chef spooned food into his mouth to taste and approve. To thousands of Americans on his Instagram, that is ‘gay behaviour’, and they dragged the producer for this.

Other times includes when African Americans dragged Nigeria’s Olamide after The Shade Room posted a photo of the rapper in which he wore a pair of sandals. The African American men following the page made derogatory comments, questioned Olamide’s se*uality. For them, wearing a pair of sandals (despite the fact that Olamide lives in Nigeria, in tropic Africa), was a confirmation that he is gay.